Ugly Beauty

This project began with a wandering in the urban web in order to collect items of older times, in an excavation of the past that resembles the practice suggested by Walter Benjamin. This practice of collecting, however, is not intended to invoke an idea about the Greek bourgeois decoration of the 1950’s and 60’s, but eventually it seeks to place the viewer before questions regarding the dark and furtive sides of history, through the deconstruction of the collected artefacts and their reassembly in uncanny reformations.

The decorative objects -broken remains of times past- attempt not only to express the transience of the human being, but also to act as a clue for the beginning of a revelatory narrative and a critique towards a culture that condemns to secrecy all those aspects of human life that strech beyond the established normality, flirting with decay, morbidity and finally with the limits of reason.

Thus, it is a practice that seeks to challenge a dominant myth, a social model; a practice that ultimately acts as a gateway to the place of collective oblivion in order to reveal the collective repressed of any expression of life not in keeping with the dominant social model. However, through this critical revocation of the obfuscated aspects of the past, the final objective is to recast a meaning for the present.