Solo exhibition - Espace Jeunes Artistes, 
                Boverie Museum, Liege.   

 Textures vivantes 

This work began with a comparison of the drawing gesture to the movement of the living. What animates the gesture of drawing an image? Being interested in the environment and life outside of humans, I began appropriating natural landscapes that I found in the history of art. I wanted to question the idea that Man has an overhanging view of nature owing to his rationality. I confronted these views by working on the medium's surface, against the visual horizon of the image. To achieve this, I chose movements borrowed from animals; by piercing, cutting, scratching, or erasing the image, I sought to make room for another view with no horizon, one that emerges by groping, in contact with the material. Gradually, the answers I was looking for sprouted unexpectedly, through the cracks of my own perspective. From visual representation, lately, nature emerges as the matter forming the artwork. The latter began to resemble a living organism affecting my questions in unanticipated and active ways, evoking thresholds that resonate similarly to territorial tensions.