Horse hair, art, work, tapestry, texlab, art, Belgique

Horse hair works (2021-22).

Athanasia Vidali, arts visuels, Boverie, Espace Jeunes Artistes, contemporary ceramics

Textures vivantes solo exhibition, Espace Jeunes Artistes, Boverie Museum (2022).

En Piste !, installation, arts visuels, Boverie, Athanasia Vidali, Prix de la Création, Liége

In search of a shelter from which one can quietly watch the world (2021).

Athanasia Vidali - artist - Errance - sculpture - installation - nature- art

Errances qui forment - A sculptural journal (2020-21).

In Vitrin, exhibition, art residency, Les Drapiers, Liege.

In Vitrin - Art residency & exhibition, Les Drapiers. (2020).

Athanasia Vidali - artist - Un-night - paper - drawing - art

Un-Night (2017-2020).